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DISHAK's Career & Placement Training Services

Your Career Catalyst - Today, Tomorrow & Forever

Get Your Desired Job Offers with the Ultimate Skill Set

DISHAK’s in-campus placement training program empowers students with Technical Skills, Career Skills, Placement Skills and Project Management Skills along with lifetime placement support that helps them grow in an ever-evolving professional landscape.

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How Does DISHAK Help You?

DISHAK is the trusted bridge between learners and their dream careers. We collaborate with educational institutions and ensure that the students get industry-ready. 


Along with engineering graduates, we also empower corporate employees to unleash their full potential and stand out as highly skilled professionals.

Upskill with the Complete Tech Stack

From front-end development to back-end systems, databases to cloud computing, our comprehensive curriculum ensures that learners gain proficiency in the entire spectrum of technologies. 

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Master the Career Skills

With interactive workshops, we emphasize essential soft skills training, enhancing students' communication, teamwork, leadership, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Bridging Theory & Practice

We provide hands-on technical training and real-world simulations, interactive workshops, team projects, and industry collaborations, enabling students to understand how theoretical concepts are applied in industry settings. 

Job Ready Training

Our program includes resume building, interview preparation, conducting mock interviews and confidence-building exercises to help students manage interview anxiety, enabling them to perform optimally when it counts.

Work on Real-World Problems/Tasks

Our students work on projects with industry-standard project management setups and real-time industry tools that enable them to hit the ground running in their professional careers.

Boost the Placement Rates of Your Educational Institution

Enhancing students’ employability, your educational institution can improve the placement stats, getting higher rankings among the educational institutions and attracting more talent.

Personalized Career Counselling

We help our graduates identify their strengths and align their aspirations with the right job opportunities. We equip them with the complete tech stack package while further helping them identify the technology of their interest and smoothly progress towards a career in that field.

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Why Should You Choose DISHAK’s 
Placement Training Course?

Launch Career While in College

Our placement training program can be pursued alongside the academic curriculum, empowering students to secure their dream job offers upon graduation.

Work on Real-World Problems

Our program goes beyond repetitive use cases by providing students with hands-on projects and real-time scenarios, enabling them to gain practical experience and tackle industry challenges head-on.

Save Time While Upskilling

Lifetime Placement Support

Students need not block separate time as colleges integrate this course into their curriculum and we impart the training in your campus.

We are not a one-time placement assistant; we provide lifelong placement support whenever our students seek to make a job switch or pursue new placement opportunities at any stage of their professional journey.

Course as a Complete Package

Unlike the other conventional engineering training programs where you have to opt for certain technologies or curricula, we provide a complete training package. We help you master technical skills, soft skills and interview skills.

Learn from the Industry Experts

We source highly experienced industry experts as mentors who work closely with graduates, offering personalized feedback, career advice, and guidance to help them refine their skills and navigate career challenges successfully.

Who can enrol for DISHAK’s 
Career Enhancement & Placement Training course?

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Looking for DISHAK’s  Training Courses & Pricing?

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  • What industries does your product engineering company specialize in?
    Our company specializes in a range of industries, including embedded hardware design and development, firmware engineering, end-to-end web development encompassing front-end to cloud deployment, and comprehensive product testing with expertise in regulatory compliance.
  • How can your product engineering services benefit my business?
    Our unique selling proposition lies in our ability to do more with less while delivering world-class quality. As a lean company, we optimize costs without compromising on the quality of our product engineering services. This enables us to provide top-notch solutions at lower expenses, offering your business exceptional value and helping you achieve your goals efficiently.
  • Why should we hire DISHAK Technology for product engineering development?
    There are several compelling reasons: Innovation - Our technical team understands your business and domain, actively seeking innovative ways to add value to your products. Design - We follow DFX principles, delivering scalable, maintainable, manufacturable, and testable designs with superior performance and cost-effectiveness. Usability, product security, and compliance are considered from the design stage. Quality - We prioritize quality and consistently deliver exceptional results. Delivery - We recognize the importance of speed in project delivery and uphold our commitments. Execution - We adhere to the right processes and employ the necessary tools to execute projects effectively. People - We believe in our people as assets, investing in hiring, retaining, and developing the industry's best talent. Productivity - As a lean organization, we provide all the aforementioned benefits to our clients at an optimal cost.
  • How do you ensure confidentiality and protect intellectual property rights?
    At DISHAK, we uphold strict measures to safeguard sensitive information and ideas. This includes signing non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with both our clients and employees, ensuring that all proprietary data remains confidential. We also implement robust security protocols to protect intellectual property throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Can you handle both hardware and software aspects of product engineering?
    Absolutely! From hardware design to embedded systems development, firmware programming to software application development, our skilled team is equipped to handle all facets of the product development process. You can rely on us for end-to-end support and seamless integration of hardware and software components.
  • How experienced is your team of engineers and designers?
    Our team of engineers and designers comprises highly skilled professionals with extensive industry experience. They bring a wealth of expertise and have successfully delivered numerous product engineering projects across diverse industries that meet the unique needs of our clients.
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