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DISHAK's Product Engineering Services

Transform Your Innovative Ideas into Cutting-Edge Products

Cut Costs, Accelerate Time-to-Market & Overcome Resource Constraints

At DISHAK Technologies, we specialize in providing you with comprehensive and cutting-edge product engineering services.


Leveraging our expertise in innovation, architecture, design, development, and testing, we deliver customized solutions that enable you to drive successful product development, meet market demands, and achieve your business objectives effectively.

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How Can DISHAK’s Product Engineering Services Help You?

Hardware Engineering Expertise

Skilled Team

Skilled engineers in every hardware aspect: architectural design, component benchmarking, and selection.

Maximum ROI

Optimize Bill of Materials (BoM) for cost-effectiveness, maximizing ROI. Reduce manufacturing defects, improve product reliability, and drive success in the market.​

Compliance Assurance

Ensure qualification and certification compliance, incorporating RF design and PCB layout expertise. Robust and reliable hardware solutions meeting industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Quality Products

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The design-for-manufacturing approach minimizes production challenges. We excel in In-Circuit Test (ICT) and Functional Test (FCT) setups for top-notch quality control.

Firmware Engineering Proficiency

Firmware engineering.png

Comprehensive Firmware Engineering Solutions

Board bring-up, BSP development, device drivers, OS porting. Specialized in Real-Time Operating Systems like FreeRTOS, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Expertise in IoT Integration

Expertise in middleware and application firmware development for seamless IoT integration.

Customized Solutions

Enhancing performance and functionality of embedded systems with tailored solutions that exceed expectations and align with evolving digital landscape.

Software Engineering Excellence

Full-stack to Cloud based Applications 

Expertise in frontend and backend solutions, creating intuitive user interfaces and robust server-side architectures.

Harness the Full Potential of Cloud-based Solutions

Leveraging the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS), we develop scalable and secure Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) architectures.

Comprehensive Software Solutions

Software engineering.png

We thrive in microservices, serverless architecture, containerization, data management, APIs, and DevOps consulting.

Comprehensive Testing  Solutions

Rigorous Testing for Quality Assurance

Software testing.png

Ensuring top-notch product quality and reliability through comprehensive testing expertise.

Comprehensive Testing Expertise

Our testing covers critical areas like functional, stress, and IoT testing, leaving no room for errors.

Human Expertise + Advanced Tools for Optimal Results

Our skilled testers use manual techniques with critical thinking to uncover intricate issues. We also harness the power of cutting-edge automated testing tools for enhanced efficiency and accuracy.

Regulatory Compliance & Certification

Simplifying Regulatory Compliance

Our expert team makes it easy to navigate regulatory compliance. We provide guidance throughout the certification process, ensuring strict adherence to standards.

Essential Certifications Expertise

Specialized in obtaining crucial certifications like CE, FCC, UL, EMI/EMC, and more.

Save Time & Efforts

Regulatory compliance .png

Confidently launch products with our rigorous scrutiny and industry-specific certifications.

Why Choose DISHAK’s Product Engineering Services?

Industry Expertise

Skilled Resource Allocation

Time-to-Market Advantage

Risk Mitigation

Quality Assurance

Cost Effectiveness

Focus on Core Competencies

Customized Solutions

Scalability Assistance

  • What industries does your product engineering company specialize in?
    Our company specializes in a range of industries, including embedded hardware design and development, firmware engineering, end-to-end web development encompassing front-end to cloud deployment, and comprehensive product testing with expertise in regulatory compliance.
  • How can your product engineering services benefit my business?
    Our unique selling proposition lies in our ability to do more with less while delivering world-class quality. As a lean company, we optimize costs without compromising on the quality of our product engineering services. This enables us to provide top-notch solutions at lower expenses, offering your business exceptional value and helping you achieve your goals efficiently.
  • Why should we hire DISHAK Technology for product engineering development?
    There are several compelling reasons: Innovation - Our technical team understands your business and domain, actively seeking innovative ways to add value to your products. Design - We follow DFX principles, delivering scalable, maintainable, manufacturable, and testable designs with superior performance and cost-effectiveness. Usability, product security, and compliance are considered from the design stage. Quality - We prioritize quality and consistently deliver exceptional results. Delivery - We recognize the importance of speed in project delivery and uphold our commitments. Execution - We adhere to the right processes and employ the necessary tools to execute projects effectively. People - We believe in our people as assets, investing in hiring, retaining, and developing the industry's best talent. Productivity - As a lean organization, we provide all the aforementioned benefits to our clients at an optimal cost.
  • How do you ensure confidentiality and protect intellectual property rights?
    At DISHAK, we uphold strict measures to safeguard sensitive information and ideas. This includes signing non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with both our clients and employees, ensuring that all proprietary data remains confidential. We also implement robust security protocols to protect intellectual property throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Can you handle both hardware and software aspects of product engineering?
    Absolutely! From hardware design to embedded systems development, firmware programming to software application development, our skilled team is equipped to handle all facets of the product development process. You can rely on us for end-to-end support and seamless integration of hardware and software components.
  • How experienced is your team of engineers and designers?
    Our team of engineers and designers comprises highly skilled professionals with extensive industry experience. They bring a wealth of expertise and have successfully delivered numerous product engineering projects across diverse industries that meet the unique needs of our clients.
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